SU Debate

Syrdariya University Students ’Union organized a student debate. 2 teams took part in the debate. Students discussed the topic "This house, TV is more important than a computer".

4 teams took part in the debate, 2 teams were selected.

The 1st team that passed the selection successfully created its own case. The speaker noted that most of the achievements will be in computer work, rather than television, and its future benefits. He supplemented his words with 3 arguments and clarified the main idea.

Team 2, on the other hand, tried to overthrow all the arguments of the opposing team and cited a number of facts. Some celebrities have even mentioned that they have achieved a lot without using a computer. He was able to give a decent answer to the other side.

After listening to the views of both teams, the floor was given to the expert. The expert praised the game and training of the teams and touched upon a number of points.

At the end of the debate, as a result of voting by participants and spectators, the Supporter won.