Guest speaker: Marat Sarsenbaev

The youth of our university met with the captain of the team "Syrdarіya", a graduate of our university Marat Sarsenbayev.

During the meeting, Marat Sarsenbayev spoke about the positive aspects of Zhaidarman and gave brief excerpts from his interesting experiences.

The entertainer, who has a special place in the world of humor, did not miss the fact that he was a graduate of the Syrdarya University, and the university was the only one who influenced him to reach this level.

He also noted that the student period is the happiest, the most interesting, the real period of knowledge and research.

Interesting questions were asked by students, humorous answers were given, and a smile appeared on the faces of students.

At the end of the interview, the active students thanked the entertainer and wished him every success in his creative life.