💾 Annual report for the 2020-2021 academic year on the implementation of the strategic development plan of the university

University structure
The President
Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations
Vice-rector for teaching and educational work
Vice-rector for educational work and social issues
Scientific Council

A Brief History of the University "Syrdariya"

University "Syrdariya" is located in Zhetysay city, Zhetysay district, Turkistan region. The area has its own characteristics, such as: gegraficheskoe location, the highest density of population, high birth rates, preservation of language, customs and traditions of Kazakh people.

 The district's area is 1.8 square kilometers and is bordered on all sides with the Republic of Uzbekistan. The distance between the city and the regional center Zhetysai more than 231 km. Today the area is home to more than 300 thousand people., 90% of them are Kazakhs, and the rest 10% of representatives of national minorities. The population density was 144.7 people. 1 square kilometers, the average for the Republic of 6 people. 1 sq.km. In addition, in the territory of neighboring Uzbekistan is home to 2.5 million Kazakhs. These features and identified the main causes of nebhodimo University in Zhetysay.

University "Syrdariya" was opened in 1998 on the basis of the Classification Zhetysay training center named H.A.Yassavi (Order № 408 of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Public Health of KR of July 27, 1998), March 5, 1998 registered as a legal entity in management Justice Mahtaaral district of South Kazakhstan region. February 6, 2007 pereregestrirovan (certificate of re-registration №254-1958-10 LLP).

 The university's official website (www.sirdariya.kz), developed in 2005. university site works in three languages. For ten years, actively working on administration and support.

 University Charter is designed in accordance with article 41 section 6 of the Law "On Education" and the normative legal acts regulating the activities of educational institutions. State license to conduct educational activities was issued February 12, 2002 (series number AAN 000 169). 28 September 2010 by the Committee for monitoring the new state license series AB №0137474 was issued in MES Education and Science of KR, which allows you to engage in activities in the sphere of higher and postgraduate education. University 3 times successfully passed state certification procedure: first in 2001 (Order of MES of KR № 935 from 6.12.2001 city), the second in 2006 (order MES №931 from 8.12.2006 g), the third 20-27 December 2011. University several times passed inspection by the MES to comply with the qualification requirements, StVZO for educational activities (April 20-21, 2007; 12-18 March 2010; October 9-13, 2012).

Main educational building
Building of Rectorat
Palace of Students Kazakhstan
Student house
Faculty Building "Art"


Innovative Research Center

The university museum is the beginning of the spiritual and historical value of the educational process. The university museum has accumulated invaluable historical values and, starting in 2016, entered the tourist route of the South Kazakhstan region.

The material and technical base of the university is equipped with 367 computers, 20 interactive boards, 5 smart boards, 25 multimedia projectors, 3 halls for videoconferences, all this provides an excellent opportunity for the educational process. At the Department of "Software" operates a laboratory of robotics. Here are various robots, cars, color analyzers, robotic manipulators.

A great achievement of the University "Syrdariya" achieved in the information equipment - on electronic library resources the university is in fourth place among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Association of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 At the university since 2010 effectively functioning system of quality management of the educational process that meets the requirements of international quality standards, the inspection confirmed that the annual certification authority "Turkish Standards Institute» (TSE). The quality management system of the University "Syrdariya" is documented, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 with respect to the current organizational structure of the university.

 The first intake of students in 1998 was carried out on 2 Faculty:. "Natural Science and Economics" and "Socio-Humanitarian" In 2000, the university part of it was already 3 Faculty: "Natural Science and Pedagogy", "History and Philology", "Sport-From Biological"; in 2001. The increased number of students and as part of the university was already 5 faculties: "The art", "biological", "Philology", "Economy", "Jurisprudence"; in 2003, in addition to the existing distance learning faculty was organized. In the 2013-2014 academic year, in light of the Message of the President of the Republic and Strategy Development, Academic Council of the university, it was decided to convert the existing 6 departments in the schools of "Humanities and Business", "Natural Science and Mathematics", "Creativity and innovative technology." Twice (1998 and 2007) University visited the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev during his working visit to Makhtaaral district of South Kazakhstan region.

 In 2010, the Innovation Research Centre was opened with the aim of organizing and conducting research work of the teaching staff, students and undergraduates specialties "5B011000-Physics", "5B011200-Chemistry", "5B011300-Biology", "5B060700 -Biology".

 In the 2013-2014 academic year, the University celebrated the 15th anniversary. During this time it was prepared more than 9 thousand. Professionals who work successfully for the good of the republic. If at the opening of the university has only one academic buildings, then today there are 5 educational buildings, Innovation Research Center, 4 libraries, the Palace of students for 500 seats, a dormitory for 320 seats.

University students have been the winners of the republican Olympiads, scientific conferences, and various sports competitions. For example, a team of KVN of the University in November 2014 won the finals of the Republican Premier League organized by "Union of KVN Kazakhstan", held in Astana. According to the license, the University conducts educational activities on the basis of the state educational grant, a fee-based, full-time, distance learning to reduce and accelerated programs using distance learning technology.

The University conducts educational activities in 28 bachelor and 10 master specialties:

 Bachelor's Specialties: Undergraduate Education Programs:

  1. 6В01101-"Ppedagogy and psychology"
  2. 6В01201-"Pre-school education and educational pedagogy"
  3. 6В01301-"Pedagogy and methods of primary education"
  4. 6В01401-Physical education teacher training
  5. 6В01402-Music teacher training
  6. 6В01403-Training of teachers of drawing and art work
  7. 6В01501-Math teacher training
  8. 6В01502-Physics teacher training
  9. 6В01503-Computer teacher training
  10. 6В01504-Chemistry teacher training
  11. 6В01505-Biology teacher training
  12. 6В01506-Geography teacher training
  13. 6В01507-Teacher training in chemistry and biology
  14. 6В01509-Training teachers of geography and history
  15. 6B01601-Preparing History Teachers
  16. 6В01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  17. 6В01702-Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages
  18. 6В01703-Training of teachers of the Russian language
  19. 6В02101-"Design"
  20. 6B03201-"Librarianship"
  21. 6B04101-"Accounting and Auditing"
  22. 6B04102-"Finance"
  23. 6B04103-"Economics"
  24. 6B04201-"Jurisprudence"
  25. 6В05101-"Biology"
  26. 6В06101-"Computers and software"
  27. 6В06102-"Computer Science"


 Master's degree programs:

  1. 7М01101-Ppedagogy and psychology
  2. 7М01301-Pre-school education and educational pedagogy
  3. 7M01601-Training of history educators
  4. 7M01701-Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  5. 7M01702-Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages
  6. 7M04101- "Economics"