Department of vocational guidance and employment

Raimbek Nurbek Dauletiyaruly

Head of Department of vocational guidance and employment

Adress: Turkestan region, Zhetysay city, "Syrdariya" university, the main academic building

✆ Work phone: 8(72534) 6-19-26

✉ Е-mail:

💾 Plan of the department of vocational guidance and employment for the 2020-2021 academic year

In order to implement a number of measures for the employment of graduates the University work done on a number of the following activities:
- collecting information to provide of graduates working in the field, from the University, compiling information on graduates by faculty, in groups, in the field, to constantly monitor the to the employment of graduates.
- to help, to assist in entering a job, to provide at least temporary employment of graduates and students.
- show information and offers on the labor force, give advice when applying for a job, learning, constant good towards employers.
- gathering information about the quality of training, to solve the problem of employment of personnel, assistance to the employer and the institutions, enterprises and social programs to ensure regional and city departments.
- Organization of students' participation in the fair "Young Specialist".

In order to improve the employment of the University staff, of graduates, and increase the level of satisfaction of applications is carried out (annual) availability Fair, with the participation of the educational institution headed by the district education department, akimat of the district, with the heads of the appropriate institutions and organizations.
Work on the implementation of the state program "With diploma to the village", "Education of Youth", "Road Map to provide jobs to 2020".