Center for Innovative Research, Professional Practice and Distance Learning

Elshibaev Sarsenbek Kulishuly

Head of the Center

✆ Phones: 8(72534)6-27-69, +7 778 188 15 97

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About the center

Currently, many changes are being made in the education system of the country in accordance with the new requirements. In particular, education is combined with research. As a proof of this, in August 2010, the Center for Innovative Research was opened near the educational building of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of the Syrdarya University. Currently, the Center for Innovative Research, Professional Practice and Distance Learning is headed by Elshibayev Sarsenbek Kulishevich. The center is an educational and scientific structural unit of the university. The center has 4 special laboratory rooms for research and laboratory work of students and undergraduates. They are: Laboratory of Organic and Chemical Chemistry, Laboratory of Zoology and Human Anatomy and Physiology, Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Laboratory of Physics. These classrooms are equipped with the latest equipment and technical aids.
The laboratory conducts bacteriological research, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the chemical composition and bacteriological composition of drinking water, wastewater, groundwater in the settlements of Makhtaral district. Organoleptic properties of water in terms of color, odor, taste, transparency and chemical composition, hardness, heavy metals, cations and anions, laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with the permissible levels of organic matter. Through the use of natural products, students obtain natural dyes from locally grown herbs, soap, and non-chemical processing of natural dyes added to soap from locally grown herbs.
On the basis of contracts with schools for research and development work, research and practical research on "Development of today's education system in accordance with the development trends of society." Students who have chosen chemistry and biology, with the help of teachers of the department in the innovative research center conduct research work and participate in the district regional Olympiad.

In the educational process regularly uses advanced methodological innovative technologies. Classrooms are equipped in accordance with modern requirements. Well-known scientists and qualified specialists of the Republic are invited to give lectures to students. The main purpose of the center is to train highly qualified specialists with competitive higher education, who are constantly trained in production and master their specialties. New integration processes in the field of education, including the credit system, provide for the quality and effective organization of independent work of students, increasing the student's ability to learn independently.

Material and technical base is high, classrooms are spacious, bright and modern. On the first and second floors of the three-storey building there is a part-time faculty. There are 9 classrooms, 1 lecture hall, 1 computer center and a distance learning center using new technologies on these two floors. There are all conditions for comprehensive study of students.
The building also has a dormitory for 320 students, a library, a shop, a student health center and a summer sports ground "NUR-DAULET".
The conditions created in the dormitory are fully equipped with technical equipment, computer center, teaching aids, various textbooks for students during the learning process. There are all conditions for students to do sports and art outside of school hours. The faculty offers three specialties. On the basis of the first secondary education, education is provided for 5 years, for graduates of secondary special educational institutions for 3 years and for the second higher education for 2 years.


Video. Material and technical base.

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