Department of quality management, accreditation and monitoring

Abdullaeva Jazira Dairabaikyzy

Head of the department of quality management, accreditation and monitoring

Master of Education, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +7 778 896 86 25


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About the quality management system of "Syrdaria" University

The university "Syrdariya" developed, implemented and certified quality management system (QMS) that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 The quality management system of the University "Syrdariya" documented and maintained in working order in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, with reference to the current organizational structure of the university.

The presence of a quality management system at the University is the real guarantee of compliance with the quality requirements of the University of process control and training of highly qualified personnel at every stage, starting from the selection of students, graduates, job seekers and ending with the state produced by the university specialist certification or a thesis.

QMS University "Syrdariya" aimed at continuous improvement of all processes that ensure the quality of education in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the identification, reduction, elimination and prevention processes, reducing the quality of education.

The certificate is a guarantee of the quality of the educational process in the eyes of existing and potential customers and provides an opportunity to take its rightful place in the market of educational services, technology products and graduate training. Developing a model of the QMS includes planning and implement the monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the educational services of SES and customer requirements, ensure that the QMS and continually improve its effectiveness.

Effective promotion of quality work faculty and staff of the University is one of the most important tools of the QMS, which is carried out in accordance with current regulations and is implemented in the form of rating surcharges. The distribution of duties and responsibilities of management and performers, the order of interaction between departments and services in carrying out the functions and objectives for quality assurance defines and describes the QMS documentation.

QMS enables continuous monitoring of the educational process and customer satisfaction. The University monitoring of customer satisfaction reflects two basic levels of performance evaluation of the university and its departments: internal and external. At the domestic level is monitored evaluation of the educational process of students based on their systematic survey.
Externally monitored acts satisfaction of employers who come to university graduates.

SMC University is subject to regular internal review and assessment of the effectiveness of its operation, with further adjustments. The university "Syrdariya" developed and implemented a procedure for the monitoring, measurement and analysis of the processes of the QMS, and take the action needed to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes. Continuous improvement is based on the systematic review of the quality of education, research and development, periodic monitoring and analysis of the QMS and feedback from stakeholders. For the operation of the QMS at the University established a department of quality management.

Department of Quality Management is part of the university "Syrdariya", is under the direct supervision of the rector of the university. The functioning of the QMS allows the university to maintain the achieved level and become a competitive university, providing fundamental, quality education, recognized not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also at the international level.

The responsibilities of the department include:

  • organization of the development of the necessary documentation of the QMS;
  • interaction with the business units on the operation of the QMS;
  • planning and conducting internal audits;
  • preparation of the necessary background material and reports for management, etc.

To achieve the objectives of quality in the university identified the following processes: control processes, supporting processes and processes of the life cycle of educational services. The sequence and interaction of processes management of the university are given in process-terrain QMS.