Employment of graduates

Unfortunately, not all graduates have the opportunity to get a job immediately after graduation. An employer is often interested in hiring an employee with work experience. In this case, the former graduate, today's specialist will be helped by the state, which implements the programs “With a diploma in the village”, “Youth practice” and “Youth personnel fund”.

"Youth Practice" Program


The state intends to conduct a six-month internship for young people to gain work experience after graduation.
Graduates (under 29) go to an employment center in the akimat of their city (district). The employment center forms a unified database of these specialists and distributes the participants of diploma programs among employers.
The employment center enters into employment contracts with graduates for six months. The working day is determined in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The monthly fee for participation in youth practice programs is 18 monthly calculation indices (excluding taxes, mandatory social contributions, compensation for unused holidays and banking services).
If the employer considers you suitable for your company during the internship, he has the right to hire you on an ongoing basis. Keep in mind that this option is more practical for a young specialist, but you need to prove yourself and your professional skills in practice. The program is designed specifically for graduates to gain initial experience in the specialty.
To participate in the program, a graduate must:
Contact the Employment Center at the Akimat of your city or district.
Registration as unemployed (no older than 29 years).

Required Documents:
• identification;
• diploma;
• home book or address book;
• an agreement from a pension fund;
• Current personal account in the People's Bank;
• medical certificate, form 086-U.
In addition, as part of the implementation of the “Employment Roadmap 2020”, a database of vocational education institutions will be formed and a unified information portal “Youth Labor Exchange” and the information portal “Work” will be created.

"With a diploma in the village"


For graduates in the following specialties:
• education;
• healthcare;
• social Security;
• culture and sport;
• veterinary.

The state provides jobs for young professionals in rural areas with social support: the payment of a single promotion allowance in the amount of 70 MCI; a budget loan for the purchase and construction of housing for a period of 15 years with a fee rate of 1,500 MCI in the amount of 0.01% for a period of 15 years for the purchase and construction of housing;
an increase in the wage rate for specialists of social institutions located in rural areas by at least 25% (in urban areas).
To participate in the program:
• find a job in your chosen village (rural school, hospital, community center, sports complex, etc.);
• when applying for a job, the candidate must apply to the district commission to participate in the program;
• if you cannot find a job on your own, you can contact the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the responsible officials in the regions;
• information on staffing needs in the regions should be posted on the websites of regional akimats.

Required documents:
Upon receipt of wholesale benefits:

  • statement;
  • copy of identity card;
  • copy of education certificate (diploma);
  • a copy of the work book certified by the personnel department at the new place of work;
  • address certificate from the place of residence confirming residence in the relevant locality;
  • information about the place of previous registration with the migration service.

In addition to obtaining a budget loan for the purchase of housing:

  • valuation certificate of acquired property;
  • copy of marriage certificate (if any);
  • a certificate of the absence (presence) of real estate of the specialist, his wife and children in this rural settlement.

In addition to obtaining a budget loan for housing construction:
an act on the right to use a land plot allocated to a specialist for housing construction;
valuation certificate of pledged property;
collateral insurance contract;
written agreement on co-financing housing construction in excess of the loan amount;
copy of marriage certificate (if any);
Documents are presented for comparison in the original and as a copy. It is not permitted to require the candidate to submit documents other than those specified above.
Over the past three years, 24,577 specialists have been recruited to rural areas of the country as part of the “With a Village Diploma” project.

"Youth Reserve" Program


With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People’s Democratic Party "Nur Otan", the project "Youth Personnel Reserve" was implemented, aimed at identifying, selecting, training and raising young talented, active Kazakhstanis.

Between 2009 and 2016, more than 14,000 young people applied for the project “Youth personnel reserve”, of which 420 people went through open competitive selection, testing, training modules, assessing professional competence, and internships in various organizations. The contest participants met with leading representatives of government, business, science, education, public organizations, and the media.

The implementation of the project in 2016 also involves the identification, selection, education and training of young specialists in the field of governance and the inclusion of socially significant activities in three areas:

  • Civil service
  • Business community
  • Social and political activity

The qualifying round will be held in several stages:
Fill out the questionnaire on the official website of the project, evaluate the questionnaire according to official criteria (age, education, place of work, professional skills, assessment of intellectual potential, emotional intelligence, essay writing, etc.). As a result of the initial selection, 300 participants will be sent to the next stage.
The logic of testing, knowledge of the state language and determination of the psychological profile of the project participant (the place and schedule of testing will be determined after the publication of the results of 300 competitors who have passed the 2nd stage of selection).
Interviews for assessing qualifications will determine the 32 best participants in the project (2 participants from each region). Interviews will be conducted in the regions of the country with members of the directorate, regional coordinators, experts from the Bolashak Association and representatives of the Nur Otan.
Further, the contest participants will conduct training modules with the participation of leading domestic and foreign experts, including lectures, seminars, trainings, master classes, assessments (assessment of professional qualifications), as well as internships in state and non-governmental organizations.
According to the results of the project, 32 participants with the highest ratings will receive a certificate and will be registered in the personnel reserve, which is a recommendation to consider the issue of promoting a person in the reserve for senior positions in the public service, business and public service.

Link: https://massaget.kz/layfstayl/zhadnama/48514

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