Faculty of Law and Economics

Yntymakov Sovetzhan Argynbaiuly

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics

Candidate of Legal Sciences

Office phone: 8(72534)6-27-69

✆ Phone: +7702-374-26-07

✉ E-mail: sovetzhan156@mail.ru

There is one department at the faculty: "Law and economics"

The Faculty of Law and Economics trains specialists in the following educational programs:
Undergraduate programs:
1. 6B04101- "Accounting and Auditing"
2. 6В04102- "Finance"
3. 6B04103- "Economics"
4. 6В04201- "Jurisprudence"
Master's program:
1. 7М04101- "Economics".

The faculty includes the Department of Law and Economics. The team consists of well-known scientists and experienced teachers. 17 professors and teachers with scientific and pedagogical activity: including 2 doctors of sciences; 6 candidates of sciences, 9 masters of sciences, senior lecturers. The share of teachers with academic degrees and titles at the faculty is 52%. Material and technical base of the faculty, potential of specialists meet the requirements of the state standard of compulsory education. The faculty regularly uses advanced methodological innovative technologies in its educational process. Classrooms are equipped in accordance with modern requirements.
Well-known scientists and qualified specialists of the Republic are invited to give lectures to students. New integration processes in the field of education, including the credit system of education, provide for the quality and effective organization of independent work of students of the faculty, increase the student's ability to learn independently.
In general, the material and technical base of the faculty is high, classrooms are spacious, bright and equipped in accordance with modern requirements.

The first and second floors of the three-storey building house the Faculty of Law, Economics and Distance Learning. There are all conditions for students to do sports and art outside of school hours.

Presentations of educational programs

6B04101 - Presentation of the curriculum "Accounting and Auditing"

6B04102 - Presentation of the curriculum "Finance"

6B04103 - Presentation of the curriculum "Economics"

6B04201 - Presentation of the curriculum "Jurisprudence"

Videos. Material and technical base
1. About educational programs "Accounting and Auditing", "Finance", "Economics":  https://youtu.be/voaII2Olj-Y
2. Educational program "Jurisprudence": https://youtu.be/ZSoDqQq6fKI
3. About faculty: https://youtu.be/3QpOChJ9XTc
4. About department: https://youtu.be/q0eHDOa52c0

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