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Annual Report of the library 

The growth and development of the library is closely related to the history of the university.
Currently, the material and technical base of the library is equipped in accordance with modern requirements, virtual seminars and Internet conferences for teachers and students, analysis of theoretical and scientific issues online, organization of teleconferences with video conferencing and implementation of joint projects of universities, distance learning technologies. There is an opportunity to hold student competitions.

Readers are served by 4 reading rooms, 2 electronic, 1 periodical and reference-information sector halls.
The library fund is 349,062 books.

Dynamics of growth of the library book fund

The library contains rare editions, dissertations, abstracts, monographs, works of art. In addition to basic educational resources, there is a collection of reference and bibliographic, official, normative and legal publications.

The library annually subscribes to more than 70 specialized, scientific, popular science, literary and literary magazines and newspapers.
The library provides free and unlimited access to information using the INTERNET resources.

In order to create a modern library at the university, the licensed program "Kabis" (Kazakhstan automated library and information system), developed by the "Kazakh soft" company, was introduced in the library. Library and bibliographic processes.

In terms of the volume of resources of the electronic library, the Syrdaria University ranks fourth in the top ten among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
6 library employees completed the course of the Kazakhstan automated library information system and received a certificate.
The university library has an agreement with the Makhtaral regional library, the regional universal scientific library named after A.S.Pushkin in Shymkent and the Otyrar universal library.

In order to form, educate and raise the patriotic consciousness of students in the library, various mass events, parties, book exhibitions, meetings and presentations of new publications are held.

The main priorities of the university library are:

1.improving library services taking into account the interests and needs of the readers;

2. creation of a single information space;

3. ensuring free access of users to information, knowledge, culture;

4. organization of library services using new information technologies;

5. providing users with access to the global information network.

The main goal of the university library is to provide the educational and scientific process with the necessary traditional, as well as electronic, educational, methodological and scientific literature.

Library tasks:

1. improvement of reference, bibliographic and information services using traditional as well as innovative methods and forms of library work;

2. replenishment and storage of the library fund;

3. regular research of readers' needs;

4. Strengthening the material and technical base of the library.


Reader service. The following sites are provided to serve the readers of the "Syrdariya" University:

Library Number of seats Number of readers per day
Main educational building (MEB) 80 140-160
Reference and information sector 8 15-20
Faculty of Natural Sciences 22 65-75
Faculty "Art" 70 100-120
"House of Students" 24 55-65
Innovative activity 18 20-30
Electronic training room (MEB) 44 40-50
Electronic training room (Biology) 64 70-80
Total 330

The reading room of the main building houses the main educational, methodological and scientific literature of the university on the following educational programs: "History", "Kazakh language and literature", "Methodology of primary education", "English language and literature", "Pedagogy and psychology", "Economics", "Finance", "Jurisprudence", "Physical Culture and Sports", "Mathematics".

In addition, there are textbooks and a variety of fiction literature.

The A. Moroz Book Fund contains collections of educational, methodological and scientific literature on educational programs "Music Education", "Fine Arts and Drawing", "Professional Education", "Design".

The library of the educational building "Natural Science and Mathematics" has a large collection of artistic and educational, methodological and scientific literature on educational programs "Chemistry", "Biology", "Physics".

In the library "Student's House" there is a collection of educational, educational and scientific literature in all areas, school textbooks on all subjects for grades 5-11, educational and methodological complexes for applicants, reference books, manuals.

All periodicals of the library written in different years are collected and filed in the reading rooms, and they constitute a large fund of additional literature for readers.
Reading rooms and subscriptions provide readers with information, library and bibliographic services.

The university library has agreements with the Makhtaral district library, the regional universal scientific library named after A.S. Pushkin in Shymkent, the universal library "Otyrar" and the library "Republican scientific and technical".

The general book fund of the Syrdariya University today is 349,062 books, including 282,187 copies in the Kazakh language.

The library fund consists of scientific, educational, methodological, artistic and other publications.

The library fund of the university is annually replenished. The library fund consists of scientific, educational, methodological, artistic and other publications. The library fund of the university is annually replenished.
In order to replenish the fund, the library works with the publishing houses "Foliant", "Kazakh University", "Almaty Kitap", "Art", "Bastau", "Writer", "Erudite", "Evero", "Bilim".

In particular, the university library is in close contact with the publishing house of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, purchases textbooks and teaching aids.

The library can receive and order information about new textbooks, teaching aids, scientific articles published in all publishing houses in the country by e-mail.

The faculty of the university also replenishes the library fund with their works.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 9 697 440 tenge were allocated to replenish the university fund with educational, methodological and scientific literature.

Within the framework of the program “100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language”, the National Translation Bureau provided 24 textbooks, translated into the Kazakh language, with a circulation of 3,000 copies free of charge.

Subscriptions to periodicals at the university are well organized. Among them are scientific, educational and methodical journals, scientific and educational journals of various specialties.

In the first half of the 2019-2020 academic year, 178,000 tenge was allocated from the treasury of the university for subscription to periodicals.


Reader service

The library employs eight employees, all with higher education. Library staff work in the following areas:

1. formation and modernization of the fund;

2. organization of reference and bibliographic information;

3. information and library services for readers;

4. automation of library and bibliographic processes;

5. work with readers with special educational needs;

6. advanced training of library personnel.

The reading rooms of the university are open to the public from 8:30 to 19:00.


Social events

During the academic year, the library conducts constant information and bibliographic work, replenishes the card index of local history, periodicals, new textbooks.

One of the most important areas of the library's activity is public education.

Conferences, seminars, thematic and open book exhibitions dedicated to anniversaries are organized; thematic folders on topical issues were created, conversations of freshmen on the rules of using the library were organized.

According to the annual plan, various activities are organized with the participation of students and teachers.

The library of the "Syrdaria" University is a modern information center, a unique fund of literature, a stable efficient team.
The library of the "Syrdaria" University was organized in 1996.
Currently, the university library is located in three educational buildings and is one of the largest libraries in the Maktaaral region.
Since 1997, the scientific library of the Syrdariya University has been a methodological center for teachers and students of the university.

Library users can work with CD-DVDs containing textbooks and journals, works of the teaching staff of the university, as well as with encyclopedias and electronic textbooks.
It is no exaggeration to say that today we have the richest collection of libraries in the region. This is more than half a million storage units, where, in addition to the main educational fund, literature on electronic media is also presented: electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, study guides, multimedia albums on CD-R, DVD, audiovisual materials, an exchange fund, a fund of foreign literature.

The library has a rich art fund (70,000 copies).
The library is doing a lot of information and bibliographic work.
An important source of updating the information resource of the library are the databases of the electronic catalog of the KABIS system, reflecting the whole variety of information resources of the library.

The library's website contains electronic editions of the university: electronic textbooks, books, more than 1500 sylabuses and 950 textbooks on the IWS in all disciplines taught at the university.
The university staff has designed an electronic library management system that contains all the listed electronic publications.
All training materials are also available on laser CDs and DVDs.
Students are provided with electronic textbooks developed by scientists from our and other universities.
In order to promote new literature received by the library, the library conducts monthly reviews of new acquisitions and publishes an index "Bulletin of New Books" 2 times a year.
The library carries out a lot of work to promote the works of scientists - employees of our university.

In 2005 was opened an electronic reading room, which was a center for collecting, storage and access of readers to information on electronic media.
Electronic reading room is equipped with modern computer technology.
ERR basis,includes all available educational literature in the library on information technology, materials in electronic form.

Library users could work with CDs, floppies (Addenda textbooks and journals, proceedings of the University) as well as independent databases and encyclopedias on CD-ROM.

Without exaggeration we can say that today we have the most extensive fund among libraries in the region.

This is more than half a million items, where in addition to basic training fund also presented literature in electronic media: electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, training manuals, multimedia albums on CD-R, DVD, audio-visual materials, the exchange fund, foreign literature.

Constantly improvement of providing books of subjects with textbooks and teaching materials is the basis activities of the Research Library and the departments of the faculty.
Annual library fund is replenished more than 10 000 copies. publications.

The library has a rich artistic Fund (70,000 copies).
In 2000, open the room of rare books and theses, there are more than 5,000 rare and valuable books.
Department of new technologies equipped with modern computer and photocopying services.
Library maintains a large informational and bibliographical work.
Important source of mainstream informational resource of the library is a database of the electronic catalog, reflecting the diversity of informational resources of the library.

Since 2003, work was begun on creating an electronic catalog software (e-library) designed by students of the 4-year course of Information Science, by means Access database in the center of distance learning.
Today mastered the updated version of "ARM Library" which formed an electronic catalog and electronic bibliographic databases, with access users through the Internet as well as in the halls of library catalogs.
Volume database of the electronic catalog of more than 10,000 bibliographic records.
Recently, the library pays more attention to maintenance of undergraduates.
Bibliographers prepare lists in accordance with the themes of undergraduates, organizes the exhibition of scientific literature, acquainte with the new additions to the library. In general, bringing to the students information about new books Library pays great attention to detail, each subscription, in each reading room to establish a permanent exhibition.
For a more complete providing information needs of library users annually subscribes to more than 100 titles of periodicals, which are distributed to the reading rooms periodicals on the profile of subjects.
In the repertoire of periodicals there are all Kazakhstan magazines, and also Russian. For example, magazines such as: "Education", "CD CHIP", "Hard 'n' Soft", "PC World", "Internet and I", "Engineering Ecology," "Legal World" and others. Also for the timely provision of information on any industry knowledge are printed and posted in the halls of catalogs monthly themed "Bulletin of New Acquisitions." They allow be kept abreast of recent publications in various fields of knowledge, the proceeds of new books.
The web site of the library posted electronic publications of the University: online tutorials, books, more than 1100 Syllabus and 950 benefits SSWTC (Student's Selfish Work under Teachers Control) on all subjects taught in high school, they are updated once every quarter.
University staff designed management system of electronic library , containing all of the electronic edition.
All training materials are also included on the laser media CD and DVD.
There is the work on the developing of the library website. Since 2014 has been completely revised and finalized a new concept of the site.
Currently, the main task of the library website - to be a complete information resource for potential users.
Since November 2007 in the University was opened Virtual Library, which houses all the electronic library of the University in electronic media.
Students are provided with online tutorials, developed by our scientists and other universities.
In order to promote a new, received Literature the Library holds monthly views of new acquisitions and produces a pointer to "bulletin of new books" 2 times a year.
Library spends a lot of work to promote the works of scholars - members of our university.
Readers libraries have an opportunity to use the global information Internet and complete information bank legislation of Kazakhstan "Lawyer".