Vice-rector for educational work and social issues

Slambekova Zamzagul Ainabekovna

Vice-rector for educational work and social issues

Action plan for educational work for the 2020-2021 academic year


2017-2019 Academy of Economics and Law named after U. A. Dzholdasbekov. Master's degree in the specialty 6M030100 - Jurisprudence, academic degree - Master of Legal Sciences

1995-1998 Kazakh Humanitarian Institute named after D.A. Kunaev - diploma in the specialty "Jurisprudence", qualification - lawyer

1987-1992 Taldy-Kurgan Pedagogical Institute. I. Dzhansugurova - diploma in the specialty "Russian language and literature in the national school", qualification - teacher of Russian language and literature

Has over 20 years of management experience in education.

Author of trainings on team building, customer focus, staff engagement, effective communications and business etiquette for company owners and middle managers.

She took a methodical training of a business coach at the Moskow Business School and received a European course certificate of a business coach from Queen Media.

Advanced training courses:

September-October 2020

Advanced training program "Methods of teaching the Russian language in educational institutions in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard", Smolensk (Certificate of advanced training)

February 2020 - Kazakhstan Chamber of Management Consultants. "Introduction to Management Consulting", Almaty (Certificate)

December 2019 - National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken". Advanced training courses "Training of business trainers of the Bastau project", Nur-Sultan (Certificate)

July 2019 - National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken". Training for trainers on teaching the basics of entrepreneurship in the framework of the "Bastau" project, Almaty (Certificate)

March 2019 - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Seminar-training for teachers on the implementation of key competencies for sustainable development "Pedagogy of the introduction of key competencies: effective methods and tools", Almaty (Certificate)

June 2018 - Nazarbayev University and Duke University (USA). Executive training program "Training of top management of small and medium-sized businesses", Astana (Certificate)

November 2017 - Moskow Business School. Seminar “Trainer's School. Learn to teach ", Almaty

November 2017 - Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational and training seminar "Practice of project management based on the PMI PMBOK Guide 5editon standard", Taldykorgan (Certificate)


July 2019 - August 2020 National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken". Business trainer

February 2018-March 2019 Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University. Specialist of the Center for Advanced Studies

2010-2014 Academy of Economics and Law named after U. A. Dzholdasbekov. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Law

2007-2010 Academy of Economics and Law named after U.A. Dzholdasbekov. And about. head Department of Public Law

2004-2007 Academy of Economics and Law named after U.A. Dzholdasbekov. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Law

2003-2004 Institute of Economics and Law named after U.A. Dzholdasbekov. Vice-rector for educational work

2002-2003 Zhetysu Economic Institute. Legal Lecturer

2001-2002 Zhetysu Economic Institute. Acting Director of the Center for Legal Disciplines

1997-2001 Zhetysu Economic Institute. Vice-rector for educational work, teacher of legal disciplines

1994-1996 Secondary School No. 17. Deputy director for educational work

1992-1994 secondary school No. 17. Kazakh language teacher

Goals and objectives of the educational work

The basis of the educational work of the University "Syrdariya" on a number of ideas, relevant to modern trends of development of Kazakhstan national education system.
The main purpose of educational activities at the university is the maximum involvement of students in purposefully organized activities, contributing to the realization of their intellectual, moral, creative and physical potential, fostering integrated development and harmonious personality through the creation of conditions for the formation of professionally and socially competent student's personality, creativity having a scientific outlook, high culture and civil liability.

Common goal of education is achieved through its implementation of educational structures and system solutions to the most urgent problems:

  • formation of students socially important personal qualities through participation in important public affairs;
  • formation of consciousness of students and creating conditions for creative self-identity;
  • formation in a student society ideology of healthy lifestyles and values related to health;
  • the formation of social and cultural activity, patriotism, respect for law and order;
  • formation of students moral values, and the desire to create values and enhancement of spiritual culture;
  • formation of dedication, enterprenterprise, competitiveness in the professional sphere.

The educational work with students is realized through the following directions:

  • improving the system of student self-government;
  • improving the legal and civic and patriotic education of students;
  • development of corporate culture of the university and education corporate spirit;
  • improving moral education of participants in the educational process;
  • implementation of creative activity involved in the educational process;
  • increase the efficiency of abuse prevention learners misuse and reproductive health;
  • increase the efficiency of the formation of tolerant behavior of the trainees, nationalism and extremism prevention, risk reduction social explosions;
  • improvement of vocational education and employment information system and work with alumni and students;
  • improving conditions for the healthy mental and physical development of the individual;
  • formation and rational use of social security funds;
  • improvement of motivation of teachers and students to enhance the effectiveness of educational work.

Priority of educational work at the university "Syrdariya" was and remains a focus of students on continuous self-development and self-realization active.

Student's self-government

The university "Syrdariya" along with the training of students paid attention to building of their active civil position a priority Youth policy of the University is the development of the student government, promotion of socio-political and social activity of students for some years.

Modern students - is an active, purposeful, creative force. Student government is part of the overall system of the educational process, allowing students to participate in university management and the organization of its life it through collegial governments at various levels and directions.

Participation in the work of the student government creates opportunities to gain experience of administrative work and contributes to the formation and development of the students qualities such as leadership, organization, responsibility, discipline, and self-discipline, responsible approach to decisions, imparts skills of team management.

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