Admission to the master’s program in the 2021-2022 academic year

📆 Application deadline – from 1.06. 2021 to 15.07.2021

📆 Dates of the entrance exams – from 20.07.2021 to 10.08.2021

📆 Enrollment for Master’s Degree – until 28.08.2021

  • CT will be performed at regional testing centers;
  • Reception of applications is carried out online through the  NTS MES RK;
  • Personal identification at launch for testing is carried out through the scanner of the volumetric-spatial shape of the face (Face ID);
  • CT scan for magistracy will be carried out in a computer format;
  • Issuance of an electronic certificate is provided;
  • Online appeal. In case of disagreement with the test results, the applicant submits an appeal within 30 minutes after the completion of the test;
  • Applicants to the magistracy can take a trial test on the NTC website.

Comprehensive testing (CT):

  • Foreign language test or certificate confirming foreign language proficiency;
  • Test to determine readiness to learn;
  • Profile Test of the educational programs group.
  • Questions about the choice of educational programs, participation in a competition for a state educational grant or paid education, you can send by e-mail Contact phones for more information: + 7 702 138 03 10.



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